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Name:The Central Library Logs
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Central Library Logs

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nsteady fingers brush the corroded name plate, scratching out the letters that faded as metal changed shades. Darkened till the word could barely be seen except for the M-Y-T before the rest became illegible. “They are all fading away.”

“Fade they must, fade they will…” A soft female voice replied from the shadows as rubble crunched beneath light footsteps. “Dreams grow dim, this world dies.”

Turning slowly, the hooded figure carefully clutched the nameplate to his chest, a thumb barely etching the half worn away ‘2’ on it. “But if it all dies away…”

“Nothing will remain.” A sleek black feline form ran along the overgrown shelves and stopped upon the edge. Piercing green eyes fixed on the gently cradled item. “What will you do?”

Angling his head, the shadowed figure echoed, “What will you do? What can you do? The doors must be open.”

“They must.” Straightening, he turned his head to look around the crumbling shelves. Vines climbed the endless heights and decay mingled with corrosion. Too much was lost as books seemed to warp on the shelves and shrivel like the living in the dessert heat or decay in the depths of a bog. Death. The entire library wreaked of death. “This place cannot die. The hearts and minds of countless races cannot live on without their heritage…”

“Past, present, future, dreams… Caught in a web, the spider comes.” The woman’s voice dipped lower, darker until the hooded figure rose a hand to halt the words.

“We must open the gates. Bring them all… from every world. Every time. Even if it takes all I am.” Turning to the cat, the slender feline flicked its tail slowly, carefully watching its companions. “When they wake, they will need guides. Both of you… the last of us. You know what to do.”


It is a place of dreams. A place of history and wonder. This is where everything collides and exists together in a harmonious treasure trove of all that makes us who we are. And it is dying.

The Central Library holds every doorway to every world and those doors are being open. Heroes, villains, history… all of it is being pulled now into this central location to save what is left of every heart. The books are dying. Their worlds are crumbling. Now it’s time to save it.

A voice whispers in your ear as you awaken in the main reception room, “Save us.” The marble floor is cracked, but shines with the last remaining hope of The Central Library. Save it… accept its challenges… or all hope will be lost.


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